Thursday 25 March: Maximising the social impact of new nuclear through partnerships


10:00 – 11:30

Keynote and panel session 

Keynote by Hazel Blears, Social Value Specialist at the NDA followed by a panel session for social impact of new nuclear in the community.

The keynote speech focussing on real practical illustrations of where partnering through industrial project can have real social impact.

This will be followed by a panel session featuring:

  • Chris Nattress – Principal & Chief Executive of Lakes College & NCFN Director
  • Stuart Rimmer – Principal of East Coast College
  • Hazel Blears – Social Value Specialist at the NDA
  • Dianne Richardson – Member Engagement Director of Britain’s Energy Coast Business Cluster (BECBC) and Social Value Lead for KBR on PPP
  • Phil Adams – Senior Manager for Employment and Skills at Devon County Council
  • Roddy Miller- Director of Doosan Babcock’s Nuclear New Build division
  • Andy Brown – Operations Director, ECITB
  • Andrew Murdoch – Project Development Director, CGN

It will explore the wider benefits of nuclear projects to the community, and how partnering achieves greatest impact. Considering issues such as career opportunities, education, and regional economic growth, the panel will discuss the opportunities for the local communities, but also the challenges faced when a new ‘show’ comes to town.

Suitable for anyone interested in the regional perspective of nuclear projects. Those involved with regional planning, social impact, those interested in readying themselves for the opportunities that nuclear could bring to them, and those who want to hear what working with the nuclear sector has meant to them.



Workshop: Working with the developer – partnering for social impact 

This workshop will provide an opportunity to follow on from the social impact panel discussion that featured earlier in the day.  Here we will delve deeper into ideas/issues raised and consider how regional partnership good practice, can feed into national interventions/initiatives.



Workshop: How to lead change with bold moves – delivered by WiN UK. Hosted by Enabling Bold Moves 

This workshop will show you how you can increase your confidence and credibility by using six bold moves to step outside of your comfort zone and start to see an improvement in performance for yourself and your team.



You’re pushing my buttons – regaining control when your values are challenged – delivered by WiN UK 

Hosted by Primeast Ltd. 

The experience of the past 12 months has affected all of us in different ways; from bereavement, illness, career challenges, changing working practices, resiliency, mental health and so much more. Many report that they have been taking stock of what really matters; revaluating their values, mindset and behaviours. 

In this practical workshop Martin Carver, Primeast Ltd will guide participants through the process of understanding their own values and the triggers that test those values, making the link between mindset and behaviour. Participants are invited to complete the Barrett Values PVA before attending the workshop to get the most value from the discussions. During the workshop you will explore a number of tactics that you can use to manage your values ‘hot buttons’ and help you manage your own emotional state and resiliency, resulting in a more purposeful and sustainable performance.



UK Nuclear Skills Awards 2021

UK Nuclear Skills Awards 2021 (