Wednesday 24 March: Pathways and Apprenticeships


10:00 – 11:30

Keynote and panel session 

Hear from Heather Lovell, Westinghouse and UK Nuclear Apprentice of the Year Winner 2020 and Jennie Chapman, EDF Energy and Charlotte Burman, MoD on day 3 of the festival focusing on pathways and apprenticeships. 

This session will include a panel discussion on ‘My’ apprenticeship journey. 

Continuing the theme of exploring key skills initiatives through storytelling and journeys, this panel session considers the experiences of apprenticeships within the nuclear sector, the variety and range of apprenticeships on offer. It will explore how apprenticeships can lead to fantastic career progression. the panel will also discuss how we might promote and market apprenticeships to harder to reach communities and consider how we support access to the opportunities that apprenticeships can bring to wider audiences.  

Suitable for anyone interested in apprenticeships, and vocational routes into the nuclear sector. It will be useful for young people considering their apprenticeship options, as well as those responsible for filling vacancies within the nuclear sector. This session will include opportunities for interactivity.



Coffee Roulette 

Join our virtual networking session where you will be randomly matched to other nuclear professionals in the UK. Make a new connection and share learning across organisations over this informal coffee break.



Connecting with purpose – because purpose matters more than ever – delivered by WiN UK 

Hosted by Primeast Ltd. 

“Purpose matters now more than ever before”. Our experience of the last 12 months has made us pause and question our ‘Why?’ both on an individual and organisational level. Understanding your own purpose is probably the most important work you’ll do. When our purpose is aligned to the work of our organisation, we are more energised, focused and we achieve better results. When an organisation understands its purpose and all employees are aligned, that’s when we begin to see real results. 

Russell Evans, Primeast Ltd. will provide a new perspective for thinking and challenging the status quo both on an individual, team and organisation-wide level using the PrimeFocus™ framework. Participants will be invited to complete the short self-assessment before the session and during the workshop will be guided through a practical activity in breakout groups that will help uncover insights around how aligned you feel to your organisation right now. It will encourage strategic thinking and give you the language to be able to start a conversation around purposeful leadership, engagement and



Implementing T levels in the nuclear sector 

This webinar will review the implementation of T Levels, and what impact they will have on employers’ plans for recruitment and apprenticeships in the nuclear sector.