Tuesday 23 March: A transferable flexible future workforce


10:00 – 11:30

Keynote and panel session

David Peattie, NDA’s CEO will set out the importance of the strategic relationship between NSSG and WiN UK for achieving a future diverse workforce. As well as the benefits of gender balance, we all know that transferability supports the diversity of thought into our organisations. It is also important for long term career security (even where parts of the landscape may have peaks and troughs in terms of skills demands). David will highlight the need to pull together a strong case for change to encourage standardisation of approaches across the sector. This will emphasise that there are more similarities than differences, and that strong leadership will be required to achieve standardisation.

David Boath, Vice President and Chief Engineer, Jacobs, will talk about how the ability to transfer people within, into and out of the nuclear sector is essential for optimising people’s careers, achieving diversity of thought, and will form an essential part of a transition to a low carbon economy. This day will explore elements that contribute to enhancing transferability, and talks to people who have already been products of transferability.

My Unusual Journey within Nuclear – This is a panel discussion on a transferable flexible future workforce. As a sector we regularly discuss the merits of transferability – the ability to allow individuals to move into, within and out of the sector. This is particularly important as we consider the Government’s 10-point plan for a green industrial revolution. This panel session will explore the journeys of some people who have transitioned into the sector, within the sector and outside, including those who have already moved from high to low carbon energy sector. It will explore the barriers to transferability, how these can be addressed, and also the opportunities that transferability creates. Suitable for anyone interested in transferability and career progression within our sector. It is relevant for those considering filling future resource needs, or for individuals interested in joining the sector who don’t know where to start.

Panelists include:-

  • Jack Gritt – WiN Global Executive Board
  • Emily Ball – an Apprentice who transitioned from coal to nuclear
  • David Morton – Jacobs Programme Director who is working on the PPP programme
  • Jim Cochrane – transition from civil to defence sectors
  • Keiron Hersnip – who started his career as a rugby player – but now works at NNL


Introducing our WiN strategy – delivered by WiN UK 

A workshop to introduce our WiN strategy and provide a bit of a deep dive into what we are doing with our WiN strategic workstreams: 

  • Holding nuclear sector companies and supply chains accountable for gender diversity
  • Delivering sector-wide initiatives
  • Measures and data analytics
  • Engaging with the younger generation
  • Targeting future nuclear growth opportunities for gender equality

This session will provide a chance to ask questions and share your views!



Leaders create the weather – understanding impact on others – delivered by WiN UK 

Hosted by Primeast Ltd. 

With over 75% of future roles having not even been conceived yet, one of the greatest challenges to individuals and organisations is to ensure the development of relevant skills to keep apace with the needs of customers and markets. The good news is; you can start today. With such fast pace of change, the most effective strategy to ensure you’re ‘future ready’ is to equip yourselves with the critical and creative thinking skills you’ll need to help you adapt and be agile regardless of the challenges you’ll face in your future career. 

In this practical workshop Sarah Cave, Primeast Ltd. will introduce some of the skills you’ll need and help you complete a ‘mindset stock take’ using the Leadership Circle Self-Assessment. Participants are invited to complete the Self-Assessment provided and will be given the opportunity to explore some of the insights from the report they receive in break out group activities. A must session for anyone who is looking to equip themselves



Workshop: When does secure become ‘too secure’? 

Security clearance is an essential element of ensuring that individuals who work within the nuclear sector are authorised to do so, indeed it is part of demonstrating the licensing conditions for nuclear sites. However, the topic is often surrounded by myth and as a result is typically perceived to be a barrier to transferability, particularly into the nuclear sector from other industries.  This invitation only workshop will explore the barriers that security creates to increasing the ease of transferability in the sector and will look to explore possible alternative pragmatic solutions.



Workshop: How to lead change with bold moves – delivered by WiN UK. Hosted by Enabling Bold Moves 

This workshop will show you how you can increase your confidence and credibility by using six bold moves to step outside of your comfort zone and start to see an improvement in performance for yourself and your team.



Workshop: Exploring the six paradoxes of leadership – delivered by WiN UK. Hosted by PwC 

This workshop will explore the critical and most urgent dilemmas leaders are facing today and will aim to inspire you to reflect on your own leadership.



Workshop: Nuclear secondments – an under-used career development tool? 

This workshop will discuss the importance of secondments as a career development tool.  It will explore good practice for utilisation of secondments, and how we can facilitate their use.  We will consider secondments within the sector, between nuclear employers, between civil and defence and into (and from) the supply chain.