Monday 22 March: Leadership for a diverse and inclusive workforce


10:00 – 11:30

Welcome to the Festival & EDI panel session

Corhyn Parr, Chair of Nuclear Skills Strategy Group and Director of Integrated Waste at the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority and Lynsey Valentine, President of Women in Nuclear UK and Strategy Director at Cavendish Nuclear welcome you to the festival.

This session will include a panel discussion on Diversity and Inclusion in the nuclear sector. Where are we, and what’s next?

A fantastic panel of people within our sector and outside that can share thoughts about different aspects of diversity and inclusivity.  The Nuclear Sector Deal target focusses on 40% women in nuclear by 2030, but the intent was always to achieve greater diversity of thought in the nuclear sector, which will require a focus beyond gender, and an emphasis on inclusion to ensure that any diversity achieved is embraced and nourished within our sector.

  • Chair – Corhyn Parr – Chair of NSSG
  • Dipak Arya, Head of EDI, NDA
  • Sarah Winship, Group Head of D&I, Jacobs.
  • Marcia Ore, EDI Partner, UK – UKAEA/Culham Centre for Fusion Energy,
  • Roger Harding, Chief Executive of Reclaim
  • Dagmar Albers, UK D&I Lead for Pfizer
  • Ros Rivaz, Chair of NDA

Suitable for anyone interested in diversity and inclusion, in a professional capacity, or as a member of the nuclear workforce.  The session will include opportunities for interactivity.



Holding onto the gains. Workplace flexibility post Covid-19

Covid-19 required a transition to home based and remote working for large proportion of the nuclear workforce, accelerating a welcome direction of travel towards greater flexibility in the workplace. Given that we needed to respond at pace to these challenging circumstances, there will be things that have worked and things that have not, as part of this transition. As things return to ‘normal’, what elements of these amendments to working conditions should we strive to keep?

How do we reset in a way that holds onto the gains made, but addresses the unintended negative consequences associated with this flexibility? Suitable for anyone with an interest in flexible workplaces, and their implications for inclusivity in our working practices, whether practitioners in this field, or as people within the nuclear workforce that have been positively or negatively impacted by the remote and flexible working.

This session will be workshop based and there will be a limit of 50 people.



Coffee Roulette 

Join our virtual networking session where you will be randomly matched to other nuclear professionals in the UK. Make a new connection and share learning across organisations over this informal coffee break.



You’re on mute! – honing your online communication skills – delivered by WiN UK

Hosted by Primeast Ltd.

Communication has changed! And its taken some getting used to. Remote working has meant we’ve all had to establish new norms for communicating, teamworking and collaborating.

With new ways of working its become more important to be able to connect in new and different ways with colleagues, friends and family.

Simon Tarver, Primeast Ltd. will explore some of the new norms you can adopt to help build trust in remote teams. Understanding the impact of remote



The value of employee networks and how to make them work

This workshop will discuss the importance of employee networks to help organisations to understand experiences of minority groups within our sector and use these experiences to make positive changes leading to greater diversity and inclusivity within our workforce. We will discuss benefits of such networks, how to optimise their value, and tips and techniques for establishing these within organisations.

Suitable for anyone with an interest in diversity and inclusivity, including people interested in working with employers to establish employee networks within their own organisation. Also, useful for those considering encouraging the use of networks within their organisation.

The session is limited to 50 people.



Don’t fit in, stand out – delivered by WiN UK. Sponsor: NDA

Hosted by: Emily Hutchinson, Founder, Apply Psychology
Participants: Jack Gritt, WiN Global Executive Board, David Cole, Atkins, Sarah Long, Atkins and Sophie Lowley, NDA

From a young age we are encouraged to behave in a way that helps us to fit in. But if we want to increase diversity in our organisations, we need to stand out. Individually we all need to have the courage to be different, and organisations need to enable inclusivity in order to leverage that diversity.

This workshop will explain how the strengths approach can create a shared (positive) language to explain difference, and how that can be applied to improve inclusivity and organisational performance.

As well as providing guidance to identify strengths, we will be introducing colleagues to share their personal experiences of how strengths can be applied in practice. Dave and Sarah will discuss promotion panels and career progression, and Jack will talk about spotting strengths in herself and others, and how that has released higher performance.



The nuclear workforce in 2030

An interactive session designed to inform the actions we need to take as an industry to attract and retain the future workforce in an inclusive way. The session will explore current perceptions of the nuclear industry as a place to work, and the desired future working environment.

Suitable for anyone with an interest in creating a working environment and culture in the nuclear industry that we will be proud of in 2030, and how we can position the employer brand of nuclear to ensure we are relevant and inclusive to all communities.



Why we can’t achieve Net Zero without Diversity – delivered by WiN UK.
Sponsor: Atkins

To describe three of the key challenges for meeting Net Zero and why increased diversity is essential to solving them.  Aimed at all.